May 6

Mother’s Day in the Fraser Valley

Have you ever looked up the definition of mom? We did just for fun and here is what we found…

Mom [mom] n. a term of endearment used to refer to a woman or girl who is admired
a. beautiful or stylish; amazing; to be admired
v: to act as a mother toward; act maternally toward

These descriptions are all well and true, however we all know there is so much more to the definition of Mom than this. Moms are our mentors, caregivers, cheerleaders, best friends, guidance counsellors and so much more. One thing we also know is that no matter who you call Mom, she is worth celebrating! This year we have some ways to celebrate Mother’s Day with that special person who represents these things to you. Show her your appreciation with delicious food fare, spa treatments, spring blooms, or the thing she probably wants the most – quality time with you in nature!


Hope, Cascades & Canyons

Thacker Regional Park
Stoll along the walking trails in a natural marsh habitat with excellent bird and wildlife viewing opportunities.

Bobble Beauty Bar
Pamper mom in a warm and professional atmosphere with quality and lasting results.

Owl Street Cafe
Treat her to a special breakfast, along with one of their addictive caramel lattes!

Read their blog to learn more.

TFV_AgassizCycleTour (56 of 86).jpg

Harrison River Valley

Harrison Lavender
Pick up some natural lavender products designed for bath & body, the kitchen or for her home.

Deroche Farmer’s Market
Take mom to the annual Mother’s Day Weekend Plant Sale for a variety of vendors- plant starts, garden goodies, handmade gifts, food and more!

Lagoon Trail
A scenic loop offering views of the always stunning Harrison Lake and the Village.

Read their blog to learn more.

TFV_MinterGardens_Selects (56 of 67).jpg


BC Urban Kitchen & Wine Bar
Order a yummy charcuterie box paired with Intrigue Social Rose and 2 stemless glasses and packed with locally sourced ingredients plus a slice of New York style cheesecake.

Minter Country Garden
Dahlias for days – their potted dahlias are a favourite! And if they aren’t your thing, don’t worry there are hundreds of other gift ideas on site.

Teapot Hill
You’ll have so much fun trying to spot all the hidden teapots along the way and sharing the views of Cultus Lake at the top.

Mennonite Cafe.jpg


The Wild Orange Spa
Let mom escape from the everyday; enter the spa and capture the serenity and calm found in the groves along the coast of Italy.

Mennonite Heritage Museum
Pre-order delicious miniature homemade cheesecakes from the Mennonite Heritage Museum’s Café!

Mill Lake Loop
An oasis in the middle of the city, with miles of dog-friendly trails and bird watching opportunities.

Read their blog to learn more.

TMission_Pressland_Selects (31 of 35).jpg


Pressland General
Their charming store front is fully stocked with all the lovely Mother’s Day gifts.

The Penny
Grab a locally sourced tea or coffee or a wholesome refreshment from one of Mission faves. This spot is a popular pick from influencers and foodies alike.

Rolley Creek & Falls
A lake, a creek, waterfalls, bridges and towering trees await you on the peaceful trail.



#LangleyFresh Gift Box
These gift sets are beautifully curated with locally sourced items! Pick one up and have some fun with an unboxing party!

Williams Park
Trickling brooks, child friendly playgrounds, and a classic white bridge offering the perfect backdrop for a family photo are just a few of things we love about this park!

Festina Lente
Pizza, mead, live music and mom! What else do you need?

No matter what community you live in – it is easy to stay and support local and still show mom how grateful you are. This is just a small sampling of the many ways to celebrate Mom in the Fraser Valley, for more information on other businesses please follow along with us at The Fraser Valley! Like you, we’re passionate about exploring BC. But now is the time for us to stay local and support local businesses with just your immediate household or bubble. Let’s each do our part now, so we can explore BC again, soon. We’re all in this together.