Featured Stories

Featured Stories

The Fraser Valley delivers fresh experiences worth leaving home for. It is a place unlike any other, where farm-fresh food, locally crafted wines & brews, outdoor adventure and memorable experiences meet hand in hand.

  • Jun 15

    Celebrate Summer with these Festivals & Events in the Fraser Valley

    From blossoming flowers painting the landscape brilliant pinks, yellows, reds and violets as far as the eye can see to jets roaring across the sky, races by canoe and entertaining music, the Fraser Valley is home to a diversity of top-notch, multicultural outdoor festivals [...]

  • Jun 14

    Flourishing in the Valley

    It’s time to plan your visit to the Fraser Valley, where timeless adventures and new experiences await! Discover countless attractions and rejuvenate your senses as you savour everything from fine dining and wine trails to breathtaking outdoor adventures and agricultural [...]

  • Jun 12

    Attractions and Experiences You Don’t Want to Miss

    When it comes to attractions, the Fraser Valley is home to a wide variety.  From arts & culture to farm experiences, sporting events and so much more, you are sure to find something to keep you moving and entertained while you are here. Whether you [...]

  • Jun 6

    Very Berry in the Valley

    The Fraser Valley’s landscape is filled with experiences to fill your senses and connect you with friendly people and their agricultural roots. A gathering of these experiences, the Circle Farm Tour, is a self-guided tour that brings you to unique agri-tourism destinations, special events, [...]

  • May 19

    Spring in the Valley Circle Farm Tour Giveaway

    As a self-guided journey through our many unique agri-tourism destinations, there's no better way to celebrate the season. Throughout the Circle Farm Tour, you'll find delicious berry wine, baked goods, and baskets brimming with goodies, and we want to spread the love by giving you the chance to try some of these gems yourself. Scroll through to see all the local goodies included in our giveaway!

  • Apr 26

    Sip Your Way Through the Fraser Valley at these 5 Cideries & Distilleries

    From seeds & stones to sips - the craft cidery & distillery movement is a beautiful thing! This new and upcoming scene is one you’ll want to check out, see our list to get started.

  • Apr 26

    Craft Brewery Revolution – Grab a Flight in the Fraser Valley

    The craft beer scene in the Fraser Valley is hopping! We’ve made it easy for you to come check them out with this list of local craft breweries, now all you need to do is decide which one you are going to try first!

  • Apr 21

    Responsible Tourism in the Wild

    We love our gorgeous outdoors. As residents of the Fraser Valley, it’s part of who we are! From the depths of our deepest lakes to the peaks of our tallest mountains, protecting and respecting our land is essential to keeping it accessible to all of us. Scroll through our latest comprehensive guide below to learn how you can explore safely and responsibly, while leaving no trace when visiting our region!

  • Apr 11

    Top 7 Reasons to Camp Mid-Week or Off-Season

    Few moments capture the essence of peace and relaxation quite like a trip into the wide-open wilderness, perhaps with a good book and a quiet spot beside a pristine lake. When spring rolls around, many avid campers are already planning summer adventures, scheduling vacation time, and rushing to reserve coveted campsites. But why not beat them to the punch?

  • Apr 7

    Flower Experiences in the Valley

    Spring and Summer bring a bounty of blooms to the region. Did you know the Fraser Valley is home to over 20 flower experiences, including Tulip, Sunflower, and Dahlia festivals? Which experience in the valley will you visit this flower season?

  • Apr 6

    Explore the Fraser Valley Circle Farm Tour

    Berry wine, baked goods, blooms, and baskets overflowing with goodies. The Fraser Valley’s self-guided Circle Farm Tour is the perfect way to celebrate the seasons and support small, family-run businesses along the way. Build warm connections with local farmers and artisans whose roots run deep in this area, and grow a new appreciation for food, community, and craftsmanship. You might just find a few surprises along the way. The Circle Farm Tour is a series of community roadmaps that bring you to unique agri-tourism destinations, special events, farm-gate vendors, open-air markets and eateries dotted throughout the Fraser Valley. Here’s what to expect on your adventure.

  • Mar 27

    12 Places to Discover the Fraser Valley Art Scene

    The Fraser Valley is bursting with arts and culture! From murals draped through downtown cores to detailed carvings plotted along street corners, you’ll find a vast array of interesting pieces in each community. Check out our list below for some inspiration to get you started!

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