Apr 29

8 Family Adventures For Springtime in the Fraser Valley

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We’ve already had a taste of the beautiful weather BC has in store for the spring and summer, so why not take it as a sign to start exploring? The Fraser Valley is chock full of family adventures and outdoor activities, and now that we’re in the sunny season, many seasonal ventures have re-opened their doors for visitors! Whatever your crew is into, we’re sure you’ll be able to find the perfect activity to get out of the house for. From taking an air tram along the side of a mountain, to watching the excitement of a drag race, there’s always a local attraction to ignite your curiosity. And with a long weekend coming up, having a few options in your back pocket for a quick trip to the valley is always handy! To top it all off: these family fun activities are so close, you’ll be lucky if you get one, “Are we there yet?”

Hope, Cascades, & Canyons Family Adventures

Hell’s Gate Airtram

Take in an exhilarating view of the North Cascades mountain range in this one-of-a-kind Fraser Canyon experience! Start by crossing the suspension bridge over the rapids of the Fraser River, then follow the treeline up the mountain via air tram. Full of natural wonder and stories of regional history, this famous attraction is a must-visit on a clear day. Once you’ve marveled at the panoramic sights at the top, you can drop into Simon’s Café for a bit of lunch, or pay a visit to the Fudge Factory for a sweet souvenir on the way home. The experience boasts one of North America’s steepest fully suspended trams, so the journey up is just as spellbinding as the view from the summit.

Tuckkwiowhum Heritage Village

Are you ready to visit an Indigenous community from 200 years ago? Tuckkwiowhum Village (pronounced Tuck-we-ohm) translates as “great berry picking place.” It’s that bountiful greenery and proximity to the riverbank that have sustained this Nlaka’pamux settlement for thousands of years. Storytellers will lead the way as you journey through hands-on experiences like soapberry ice cream making, leather working, and cedar weaving. Then, as the day winds down, you can stay the night in an authentic teepee! Open the top latch for pinnacle star gazing with the occasional flourish of Northern lights. It’s a culture and history-rich escape that will give an appreciation for the enduring traditions of Canada’s first people.

Chilliwack Family Adventures

Tap Ins Putting Course

Forget mini-golf— kids will adore levelling up their putting game across this 18-hole course of real grass! With four acres of creatively contoured greens, surrounded by towering Douglas Firs and Western Cedars, Tap Ins is a reliably fun way to get the kids into the fresh air. The course offers an accessible challenge for all skill levels, allowing opportunities to improve your short game while the little ones putt around. And once you’ve wrapped the 18th hole, you can refuel at the nearby Legends Bistro before your next stop!

Klaassen Farm Store and Farm Adventure Zone

Fresh, locally crafted ice cream, a dedicated adventure zone for kids, and plenty of furry friends to meet— Klassen Farms offers much more than your average rural experience. The wide-open grounds are an excellent chance for little feet to wander, and with train rides starting up for the season, you can add even more adventure to your visit. Stop by the farm shop before you go for Okanagan honey and, once summer hits, freshly picked blueberries. Your next batch of pancakes will be a certified crowd-pleaser!

Klaassen’s Hours:

Starting May 16th – Every Thursday & Friday from 10 AM – 6 PM, and Saturdays from 9 AM – 6 PM 

Open for Victoria Day on Monday, May 20th from 10 AM – 6 PM

Mission Family Adventures

Mission Raceway Park

Welcome to one of the fastest attractions in Western Canada! This record-breaking drag strip is all about making the best time and doing it in style. If anyone in your family is interested in cars or machinery, then this is the place to take them, as the straightaway track has a natural low elevation making it ideal for hitting high speeds. The exciting events calendar features everything from vintage car shows and motocross to drifting competitions. Remember to bring proper ear protection for any smaller members of your pit crew, and make sure to watch your horsepower on the drive home!

Powerhouse at Stave Falls

Like stepping into a mad scientist’s lair, visiting this 100-year-old powerhouse is sure to inspire the next generation of tinkerers and innovators. Wander around the larger-than-life generators and turbines, and learn how electricity was conjured in days gone by. Interactive displays and engaging demonstrations are just the beginning of your experience as you explore this breathtaking building. Speaking of harnessing power, don’t forget to bring your phone fully charged as this is one of the most Instagrammable spots on this list!

Harrison Family Adventures

Kilby Historic Site

Take a break from screen time with a step into the simple life! Welcome to Kilby Historic Site, a beautifully preserved memento of the past. Located near the Harrison and Fraser Rivers junction, this 5-acre water-side farm is a captivating look at what Harrison Mills was like over 100 years ago. Complete with an era-accurate general store and hotel, you can mingle with the costumed workers and learn all about the once-vibrant outpost. Churn butter, grind fresh ice cream, or just say hello to the friendly barnyard residents—this open-concept attraction is all about exploring at your own pace. 

Harrison Circle Farm Tour

Looking for even more rural destinations for a fresh air reset? The Circle Farm Tour is your guide to all the best in local agritourism. There are so many things to see, do, smell, and taste, you’ll return home with each sense fully awakened! This series of self-guided attractions ties all manner of country activities together. From visiting a 1900’s hotel and general store, to learning about cheese making from local artisans, there’s bound to be stop that interests your group. Easy to navigate and centrally located, put your backseat navigator on map duty for a bit of added fun on your journey!