May 3

Guided Fishing with Bent Rods

Amongst the early morning fog, we rose with the sun and began our day with a Guided Fishing Trip by Bent Rods Guiding & Fishing Co. Started by Rod Toth over 20 years ago, Bent Rods hosts guided fishing trip for Sturgeon, Salmon, and Steelhead. Along with being a fishing guide favourite in the Chilliwack community, Rod designs Jigs and Spinners to meet the needs of BC’S most hard-fighting fish. While on his tours he shares his vast knowledge of local angling techniques and locations to ensure an unforgettable fishing trip.

TFV: How early in your life did you start fishing?
I started fishing when I was 13 years old.

TFV: How did you get into guiding and what do you enjoy most about it?
I started guiding after many years of spending all of my spare time fishing! It was suggested to me from other fishing guides that I should start guiding.

TFV: What is it about the rivers and water inspires you?
I love to be on or around all freshwater environments, from lakes, to the tiniest of streams. The sounds, smells, and ever changing nature of waters is amazing.

TFV: What are some simple things people should be more aware and conscious of when in the water and fishing?
Pack out everything you bring in. Leave nature exactly the same as you found it.. Also, try not to disturb spawning fish. These fish are essential to having good runs in the future.

TFV: What is the largest fish you have ever caught?
My largest fish was a 10’6″ Sturgeon, with a girth of 60″!!! This guesstimates to around 800 lbs!



TFV: What is the story behind the name ‘Bent Rods’?
“Bent Rods” is a saying from one fisherman to another, wishing them good fishing! With my name being Rod, it just seemed like such a natural fit for my business name!

TFV: What’s your go-to morning fuel, tea or coffee? How do you take it?
Coffee, with cream and honey. …but I would drink it cold and black if that were the only option!

TFV: What would you tell yourself 20 years ago that you wish you knew then?
Fish the Thompson River more…because it is now closed for Steelhead fishing. The Thompson is my most loved place to fish, and its Steelhead are my favourite version of the species.

Fleece or Raincoat?
Fleece. I hate raincoats! I don’t mind rain, but I really hate raincoats.

Truck or Boat?
Both! The truck and boat go together…but I have relied on trucks to take me fishing on foot since I began.

Steelhead or Sturgeon?
Steelhead for sure! Sturgeon are a lot of fun to catch, and that fishery helps me to provide for my family- but Steelhead fishing is my personal passion!

Comedy or Action Movies?
Comedy for sure, but my actual favourite are Thrillers.

TFV: Where is your favourite spot to fish in the Fraser Valley?
The Harrison River is my favourite place to fish in the Fraser Valley. It will need our help if it is to remain the wonder of nature that it really is. Far too many poor decisions are being made on a conservation level.

TFV: How is the Fraser Valley different from other places that you’ve fished?
RT:The Fraser Valley is so diverse. I fish for:  four Trout species, five Salmon species, Sturgeon, and a host of other course fish species here!

TFV: If you were a destination, where would you be?
The year 1600 right here in the Fraser Valley, with all of my fishing gear from today.

For both experienced and novice fishers, the guided fishing trips by Bent Rods are a true Fraser Valley experience. Sharing his passion for ethical angling, Rod will guide you through the rivers and streams of the Fraser, Chilliwack and Harrison. After a relaxing and memorable time on the water, you’ll leave already planning your next trip.