Mar 8

Bethenny Frankel’s 9 Favourite Foodie Spots in Abbotsford

We absolutely love hosting celebrities in the Valley when they come to film their projects, and we love it even more when they decide to head out and explore a little! In case you hadn’t heard, TV personality, author and entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel was recently in Abbotsford and went on quite an impressive foodie tour. She even went on to say that one of the stops she made was the BEST food review she’s ever given! Here are all the local spots she visited and broadcast to her millions of followers about what a wonderfully delicious city Abbotsford is, adding, “It’s one of the most interesting towns I’ve ever been in!”

1. Re:vive Boutique Bistro

Bethenny adored the warm and inviting atmosphere of this downtown spot, saying that she was getting strong Talum, Mexico vibes. Re:vive is a unique hybrid locale that serves upscale comfort food, while also selling beachy, bohemian clothing and home accents out of their cozy retail area. Taking home a stylish hat, Bethenny was surprised to see it cost a fraction of what she expected. She then moved into the bistro, marvelling at the selection of cheese and charcuterie boards, even going as far as to sneak a snap of what the neighbouring table ordered!


Eating my way through Canada…Found another treasure!🎂🍰🧁🥧🍮🥮 📍Afterthoughts Cafe | Abbotsford, BC #dessert #cake #bakery #abbotsford #cafe #cheesecake #vegan #keto #explorewithme #foodreview #gourmet

♬ original sound – Bethenny Frankel

2. Afterthoughts Cafe

This gourmet dessert restaurant made Bethenny swoon over their decadent sweets selection. An impressive roster of cheesecake (including Vancouver-style), an apple pie so thick, Bethenny deemed it to be “a ten-gallon pie,” you could hear the conflict in her voice. She finally settled on a thick wedge of cookies and cream cheesecake and a vegan date bar, which she devoured in her car.


When a New Yorker finds the best hot dog EVER in a parking lot in Canada…🏆👏🏼🌭#foodreview #abbotsford #canada #lullys #hotdog #gourmetfood #foodie #hotdogs #brisket #foodtok #nathanshotdogs @SkullyofLullys @Jerrica

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3. Lully’s Hot Dog Stand

Home to Abbotsford’s most acclaimed hot dogs, Bethenny could hardly wait to get her order, snatching a piece of Montreal smoked meat from the owner, Skully. Ordering a footlong topped with slow-cooked onions, chimichurri sauce, and melted cheese curds, all on a pretzel bun, she declared the dog to be “the winner of everything I’ve ever reviewed…worth a plane ride”, finishing with an enthusiastic *chef’s kiss*!

4. Mr Munchies

Mr. Munchies is one of our favourite spots for candy and specialty snacks, so we were overjoyed when Bethenny decided to stop by! Truly a kid in a candy store, there was something to tempt Bethenny around every corner. Proving her sweet tooth cred, she stocked up on imported Japanese Oreos, freeze-dried jolly ranchers, and grabbed a pack of spicy Ass Kickin’ Popcorn along the way. The Hello Kitty and Pac-Man branded sweets also caught her eye, but there was only so much she could carry!


Another amazing food find in the town that everyone said had nothing going on…Loving this!🍨🙌🏼😍 #abbotsford #icecream #bantericecream #veganicecream #foodreview #dessert #icecreamshop #sweettooth #desserttok @Banter Ice Cream

♬ original sound – Bethenny Frankel

5. Banter Ice Cream

Immediately arriving at this community favourite, Bethenny was hit with the “wafting waffle scent” that regulars know so well. Banter has so many note-worthy flavours that it’s easy to hold up the line, so she wisely ordered several to sample. She was visibly smitten with brown butter blueberry—”it’s like a blueberry cobbler,” Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and always a crowd pleaser, coffee and doughnuts, which is made with fresh coffee from Oldhand Coffee (another local spot Bethenny visited).


This is getting out of hand. 2 Scoops… AMAZING Asian inspired desserts🧋🍨🍥 #foodie #dessertcafe #koreandessert #abbotsford #bubbletea #taiyaki #gelato #bingsu #smoothie

♬ original sound – Bethenny Frankel

6. 2 Scoops Dessert Cafe

Bethenny must have heard all of the tasty buzz about this Korean dessert cafe, because she truly outdid herself here. Starting with a green apple yogurt smoothie with pearls, she described it as “a slightly milky slurpee, it’s really good, I love this.” Next, she had the chocolate Taikayi, a fish-shaped croissant cake. She even did a sound check on the crispness level of the pastry. Finally ordering the Tiramisu shaved ice bowl, the staff tried to warn her of its size, “I’m like, that’s ok, we can handle it.” 

7. Chaiiwala

Bethenny wasn’t completely sure what Chaiiwala was at first, but she had to follow her curiosity towards their flavourful, Indian-inspired menu. Ordering a caramel cake, red velvet and a chai, she indulged once again and led with her sweet tooth. She even noticed a staff member’s intricate henna design, and gave a shoutout to her side hustle! Another satisfied review, Bethenny left Chaiiwala, declaring, “good, to VERY good.”

8. Taste of Bhaia Sweet Shop & Restaurant

For dinner, Bethenny was craving something with a punch of flavour so she went with the always dependable, Taste of Bhaia. “This is so good I’m freaking out!” Digging into her order of saag, creamed spinach, Chana masala with chickpeas, and baingan bharta curry, you could tell good Indian food was a comfort of hers. “I’m giving this a nine and a half, this is really really good—phenomenal.”

9. Oldhand Coffee

Craving a cup of joe, Bethenny stopped by this community favourite cafe and bakery one morning. While she didn’t make a formal video about the visit, our sources tell us she DID order a pastry with her cup. We’d say she has impeccable taste because Oldhand has been a community favourite for years (they just celebrated their ninth birthday). Be sure to follow Bethenny’s lead and stop by for good coffee and a freshly made treat!