Apr 26

Craft Brewery Revolution – Grab a Flight in the Fraser Valley

The craft beer scene in the Fraser Valley is hopping! (Did you see what we just did there?) But seriously, hops have been grown in this region for over a century. As the agricultural hot spot of BC, our soil provides a great opportunity for craft beer brewers to create some truly spectacular farm fresh brews. Lucky for you, and for us, these brewers like to share! We’ve made it easy for you to come check them out with this list of local craft breweries, now all you need to do is decide which one you are going to try first!


Camp Beer Co. | 110-19664 64 Avenue

Dead Frog Brewery | 105-8860 201 Street

Five Roads Brewing Co. | 1-6263 202 Street

Smugglers Trail Caskworks | 140-9339 200A Street

Trading Post Brewing | 107-20120 64 Avenue

Brookswood Brewing Co | 102-4061 200 Street

The Barley Merchant | Building B #101 – 20090 91A Avenue

Locality Brewing | 7111 252 Street


Field House Brewing Co. | 2281 W Railway Street

Loudmouth Brewing Co. | 140-2582 Mount Lehman Road

Old Abbey Ales Brewing | 1A-30321 Fraser Highway

Ravens Brewing Company | 37455 Kilgard Road

Old Yale Brewing Co. | 33738 Laurel Street

Canuck Empire Brewing | Unit C – 33797 King Road

Trading Post Brewing | 3058 Gladwin Rd


Bricklayer Brewing | 404-44550 S Sumas Road

Sidekick Brewing | 106 – 45530 Vedder Mountain Rd

Field House Brewing Co. | 102-9251 Woolly Dog Alley

Flashback Brewing Company | 1-9360 Mill Street

Old Yale Brewing Co. | 404-44550 S Sumas Road

Farmhouse Brewing Co | 6385 Lickman Rd


HUB co. Brewing | 33211 N. Railway Avenue

Mission Springs Brewing Company | 200-7160 Oliver Street


Mountainview Brewing Co. | 390 Old Hope Princeton Way

Photo by Kayla Sullivan

But don’t just stop there – once you’re here you may as well stay awhile. With mountain vistas loaded with hiking trails, artisanal shopping, live music and dozens of other authentic farm experiences to take in, you’ll want to make a trip of it.  Our friends over at the BC Ale Trail have created some fun itineraries if you need some inspo to get you started. Or you can always just check us out at The Fraser Valley.