Introducing Chew On This Tasty Tours, where every step, sip, and bite of an all-inclusive culinary adventure is planned.

Chew On This Tasty Tours introduces individuals to local farmers, artisans, bakers, talented chefs, and passionate small business owners who are eager to offer them a mouthwatering experience.

While the tours may be self-guided, guests are never truly alone on this gastronomic journey. The company invites them to meet the “businesses with a face” in charming communities beyond the bustling city, fostering a genuine connection with the people and places that make these tours unique. Listen to the stories, savour the flavours. 

At Chew On This Tasty Tours, they specialize in intimate small group experiences, ensuring that guests will never feel lost in a sea of strangers. Guests tour with their friends, family or corporate team for any occasion. 

Visitors can discover the flavours of the Fraser Valley through a culinary lens one bite at a time.

If existing tours don’t quite match the desires of individuals, the company is here to custom curate all-inclusive food adventures, transforming their vision into a delicious reality.

For realtors in search of the perfect client gift, Chew On This Tasty Tours offers tailored experiences that will leave a lasting impression. For those seeking overnight stays and multi-day tours, the company has them covered. Guests can let go of the need to plan, as Chew On This Tasty Tours has their grown-up play date ready and waiting. 

Visitors can join, indulge in the company of their chosen tour partners, and together, explore a community through the lens of culinary delight.