The front of a tourism building, with signage that says "Harrison Hot Springs"

In 2017, the Harrison Sasquatch Museum opened in the former building of the Visitor Information Centre. The Museum temporarily relocated in 2022 thanks to funding from the Community Economic Recovery and Infrastructure Program to build an accessible visitor centre. In 2024, we opened our doors at the new Harrison Visitor Information Centre + Sasquatch Museum, back at our former location.

Our Sasquatch Museum primarily focuses on the Sasquatch but now also features exhibits, including the Land of the Giants and the Sts’ailes Longhouse room. From compelling artifacts and historical narratives to firsthand witness accounts and scientific exploration, our museum promises an immersive journey through the realms of both fact and folklore. Explore new exhibits, including captivating carvings, interactive displays, and a glimpse into the rich heritage within the Sts’ailes Longhouse. Delve into the depths of Sasquatch lore and myths, uncovering the stories that have fascinated generations. Take your picture with our 8ft Sasquatch or pick up a souvenir. Entrance to the museum is free and is open during the regular hours of the Visitor Centre. 499 Hot Springs Road.

After you have visited the Museum, check out our gift shop featuring local books on the Sasquatch, local Indigenous collectibles, and everything Sasquatch!

A proud sponsor of the Harrison Circle Farm Tour

499 Hot Springs Road