Feb 25

Muddy Waters Café

With a scenic lake-front location in Harrison Hot Springs, Muddy Waters Café is a natural draw after a leisurely lagoon walk or sunny afternoon on the beach. Step inside and see their signature chalk-board wall filled with menu items; the countertops loaded with fresh baking under glass cake stands, and you’ll be faced with a challenge. What to order when every single menu item is divinely delicious?

In business since 1993, this family-run café prides itself on using locally sourced, farm fresh ingredients, thoughtfully combined, to bring the tastiest fare to your plate! Fresh-from-the-oven baking bursting with local fruit, hearty sandwiches, healthy wraps, mile-high burgers, and savoury soups are just a few examples of the satisfying items from their large menu. A variety of fresh coffees brewed from organic, fire-roasted coffee beans is the icing on the cake!

The cafe is wheelchair accessible, and the bright and airy patio is dog friendly. Whether you spend a winter’s day huddled inside with hands wrapped around a hot Caramel Macchiato, or a warm day on the patio surrounded by the sights and sounds of summer and a plate of nachos in front of you, the Muddy Waters Cafe is sure to become a favourite destination!

Muddy Waters Cafe Harrison | 328 Esplanade Avenue, Harrison Hot Springs | 604.796.5563