Apr 11

Top 7 Reasons to Camp Mid-Week or Off-Season

Few moments capture the essence of peace and relaxation quite like a trip into the wide-open wilderness, perhaps with a good book and a quiet spot beside a pristine lake. When spring rolls around, many avid campers are already planning summer adventures, scheduling vacation time, and rushing to reserve coveted campsites. But why not beat them to the punch? Heading into the great outdoors during the shoulder-seasons comes with perks such as more campsite availability, fewer bugs, wide-open beaches, budding blooms or vibrant fall colours. Here are a couple more reasons to plan an off-season camping trip in the Fraser Valley.

Peace & Quiet

The primary advantage of shoulder-camping is that there are fewer people. Imagine roomy hiking trails throughout the Coast and Canadian Cascades mountain ranges, unencumbered valley views and quieter, more remote camping experiences. Take advantage of wide-open beaches at a variety of destinations, along with tranquil mornings and peaceful nights around the campfire.

Less Waiting & Competition

That coveted campsite right near the water or that secluded site near your favourite trailhead is more likely to be available. And making a reservation at popular campgrounds, and getting into must-see attractions, will be a breeze. All of this adds up to less stress, a nicer experience, and more time to enjoy the wonders of nature with family and friends.

Mid-week Camping

We understand that cooler weather camping isn’t for everyone, but how do you get the most out of those warm days when camping spots are in high demand? We highly recommend planning your outdoor adventure during the week and here’s why:

  • Take advantage of saving money as some campgrounds offer reduced rates for weekday visits and the ability to book single night stays.

  • You will be supporting businesses financially as it allows them to disburse their services more efficiently.

  • You will have more options to book and stay at popular locations that book up fast on the weekends.

  • Save time and reduce stress as there will be less traffic to contend with as you hit the road.

  • Experience wide-open trails and beaches.

Throughout the year, from Fort Langley to the Coquihalla River, the Fraser Valley boasts some of the most beautiful campgrounds and RV destinations, whether you’re looking for a remote site to pitch a tent or a well-appointed camping resort. Springtime weather will be cooler and a bit more fickle, so watch the forecast and pack accordingly. But if you fancy privacy and quieter experiences, shoulder-season or mid-week camping might just be your new best friend.