Apr 4

Rising to the Occasion: The Art of Baking at Rise Baking Lab

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In the heart of Chilliwack lies a hidden gem that stirs the senses and enriches the ever “rising” culinary scene: Rise Baking Lab. Just like a delicious loaf of bread, this bakery and educational hub has taken simple ingredients: passion, craftsmanship and hard work, and cooked up something so much more than the sum of its parts. Founders Mark Hart and Luis Cabral De Luna conceived Rise Baking Lab to be an immersive experience where happy, flour-covered students can get hands-on instruction on innovative techniques and expert guidance through the art of baking.

Ingredients For Success

Mark Hart started his creative life as a musician and has carried that hard-core passion into his new role as a “maestro” of baking. From humble beginnings in a DIY brick oven at home, Mark has become a beloved fixture in Chilliwack culinary circles. To hear him tell it, Mark is ever in pursuit of perfection, and it’s this dedication to constant improvement that he instills in his students as they build upon every consecutive bake.

Just ask Luis Cabral De Luna, a former student of Mark’s who now works right alongside him. Luis’s love of baking started early as a child in Mexico, a place he still draws on for its traditions and flavours in his own meticulous approach to the craft. Luis is now on a mission to share his joy in the artistry of baking with the rest of the world.

Together, Mark and Luis represent the winning mixture of innovation and tradition that is the foundation of Rise Baking Lab’s philosophy.

Living Proof

Rise Baking Lab is so much more than just a baking school. Where other classes can show you what steps to take, Mark and Luis have tailored their lessons to ignite a true passion for baking by digging into the science behind it, as well as the art that is possible. Students come here from all walks of life, from amateur enthusiasts to budding entrepreneurs looking to forge a career. And as it turns out, from all over North America too. “We’ve had students fly in from Montreal, California and Oregon,”  Luis is proud to say. It just goes to show that Rise’s approach is at once unique and tapping into the universal love language of food made well.

All Rise

If you’ve ever dreamed of opening your own bakery or perfecting that elusive tangy sourdough, Mark and Luis invite you to join them and their growing Rise community where the ethos is constant learning through experimentation and support.

“What gets me going is never doing the same thing twice,” Luis says, “really, just always changing it up.” 

Mark agrees, gleefully admitting “I still have not made the perfect croissant in my mind… That’s what keeps it fun. After all these years, I’m not there yet.” 

True perfection may be elusive, but the pursuit of it is always driving Mark and Luis to think up new techniques, implement them and keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in baking.

As much as Mark and Luis teach from their extensive experience, part of their aspirations for Rise is creating a place where they can be students again. “We want to keep inviting other professionals here to teach classes and stuff that we’re not specialized in,” Luis says. “I would like them to teach the students, but I would also like to learn from them as well!”

When you first step foot into Rise Baking Lab—well, first you’re hit with that intoxicating aroma of freshly baked goods—but next you’re struck by the palpable energy of community, collaboration and a never-ending curiosity that are the first ingredients in everything they do. It’s an empowering feeling—and one sure to awaken your sense of taste!