Mar 4

Wander our Wine Region

Although the Fraser Valley is well known for being one of the most agriculturally productive parts of BC, it remains a surprise to some that the Valley is actually the second largest wine producing region in British Columbia. Our cool climate, fertile soil, along with farmers who have a passion for viticulture, means that wine lovers can find over 15 wineries covering more than 200 acres in the region.

The climate here, despite being cooler, is still moderate. This, combined with the rich alluvial soils and low frost risk leads to the grape varietals being grown here to develop a bright acidity. Throw in the Pacific coastal breezes and you end up with a fantastic diversity of wine styles being available to impress the tastebuds of wine connoisseurs from all over. Here you can find favourites and well-loved varietals, as well as several unique styles that may surprise you, such as Bacchus, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, l’Acadie Blanc, and Petite Milo. Our wineries also offer more than just grapes with a selection of meaderies and fruit wines to add to your experience.

With such a wide range of offerings to see and taste we recommend planning a full day, or better yet, a weekend trip to the Fraser Valley to fully experience the wineries in our region. Beyond wine, our farm-to-table restaurants, cozy accommodations, and ever-expanding list of attractions and shopping opportunities provide something for the casual wine enthusiast to the experienced oenophile.

Check out our Food & Wine Guide to find suggested itineraries or a list of our recommended tour operators. Or use it to learn even more about the varieties grown here and create your own perfect trip of wine tasting!