Aug 12

Your New Favourite Ice Cream Destination Awaits!

Who doesn’t love ice cream? It’s the perfect way to beat the heat this summer, and if you’re in the Fraser Valley, then you’re in luck! This region is bursting with incredible places to get some delicious ice cream, including both vegan and dairy-free options!

Left: Farmhouse in Provence & Right: Maria’s Gelato


Farmhouse in Provence* | 9226 Glover Road

Milner Valley Cheese | 21479 Smith Crescent

Maria’s Gelato* | #101 9103 Glover Road

Birchwood Dairy


Birchwood Dairy | 1154 Fadden Road

Common Good Ice Cream* | 33771 George Ferguson Way

Banter Ice Cream* | 33660 South Fraser Way

Maan Farms | 790 McKenzie Road

Left: Mighty Moose Ice Cream & Right: Klassen Farms


Kent’s Ice Cream Co. | 47582 Yale Road

Mighty Moose Ice Cream | 42333 Yarrow Central Road

Klaassen Farms | 51211 Chilliwack Central Road

Sticky’s Garrison | 45575 Keith Wilson Road

Cafe Vanilla | 4125 Columbia Valley Road

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Harrison River Valley

Chantilly Gelato & Cafe | 234 Esplanade Avenue

Baskin Robbins* | 328 Esplanade Avenue

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory | 328 Esplanade Avenue

Right Credits: @haileymoojelski


The Candy Shack | 33186 1 Avenue

Blackberry Kitchen Canteen | 7494 Mary Street

Hope, Cascades & Canyons

The Garden House | 52905 Yale Road East

*Dairy-free or Vegan options available.

So, what are you waiting for? Gather some friends to celebrate the season, and don’t forget to keep this list in your back pocket for any future sunny day this year, and enjoy! Learn more at The Fraser Valley and tag us or use #TheFraserValley while out on your next adventure.