Jun 24

Your Summer Road Trip Itinerary Through The Fraser Valley

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What is it about summer that just makes us want to get behind the wheel and take off into the unknown? The natural beauty of the Fraser Valley is always an inspiration to explore, but when the sun comes out for weeks on end, there’s even more reason to follow your sense of adventure through the countless scenic byways. With pristine lakes to cool off in, friendly communities to meet, and cultural stops to ignite your curiosity, there’ll be no shortage of markers to add to your map.

When it comes to summer road-tripping, there’s so much more than A to B! It’s all about finding the little places in between that make for lasting memories. So with that in mind, here are some of our favourite locales to swing by on your next drive.

TIP: Know before you go! It may be exciting to venture out and see what’s on the horizon, but if you’re not fully equipped for the drive, it may end up being a much shorter trip than expected! Be sure to review these travel tips before you start planning your trip itinerary, and know where the nearest gas stations and EV chargers are.

There are so many wonderful things to do and learn about in Fort Langley, you may need to make some serious road trip decisions only an hour’s drive outside of Vancouver. If you arrive in the quaint, history-rich town and are overwhelmed with the possibilities for culture, we suggest starting at CN Station. A preserved railway station from 1915, visitors can learn about the early days of the important BC settlement. Then, around lunchtime, we recommend grabbing a table at Tradish’s Ancestors Café in Fort Langley National Historic Site, where you can enjoy delicious traditional Indigenous food while deciding where to head next. Be sure to pick up a couple of jars of their famous plant medicine jam!

The smell of fresh lavender fields is reason enough to make this fragrant stop a part of your journey. Perfect for relaxing strolls and photo ops, this is a full sensory experience that you won’t want to miss. Lavender season is very short though, so plan your stop before mid-July if you want to take in one of the most beautiful and refreshing attractions in the Fraser Valley!

If taking in all the culture and comfort food around Langley has you spent before the next leg of your drive, be sure to check in at any of their charming hotels, campsites or bed and breakfasts.

A true family experience, this is a must-visit when you pull into Abbotsford. The Maan family has created a warm community feel to their farm, and the summer is the best time to experience it! Famous for their berry picking fields, you can roll up your sleeves and take home some of that seasonal sweetness for your next family breakfast. Nothing beats enjoying waffles with fresh strawberries that you picked! You can also meet the friendly residents of the barnyard, sample the wares of the onsite winery, or even take in a session of goat yoga! There’s plenty to do for old and young— well worth an afternoon pit stop.

Consider this a reliable diversion if you need a break from the echoing “Are we there yet?” from the backseat! Home to mini golf, bowling, go-karts, and a LAZER MAZE, there’s no end to the ways you can play. And for any old-school attendees, you can look forward to beating your high score on all the classic titles at their retro arcade!

Home to all different types of accommodation, from grande hotels to cozy Airbnbs, Abbotsford has you covered with everything you need for an overnight stay.

What better way to refresh on the road than by standing in the soft mist of a waterfall? Part of a 22-hectare park, this is a fantastic nature stop that will give a rejuvenating boost to your exploring. The falls are a short 1km hike into the forest trails, but the incline is a bit steep, so be sure to pack comfy and durable footwear. Once at the top, you can marvel at the 30m drop waterfall from nearby viewing platforms, or venture across the suspension bridge that gives pinnacle views of Cascade Creek below.

Home to hulking generators and interactive exhibits, this National Historic Site will be a highlight of your road trip album. The 100-year-old powerhouse offers visitors a step back in time with stories of old, including fun demonstrations and a hall of antique appliances. If you’ve ever wondered what hydropower really means, consider this a behind-the-scenes look at how water was converted into energy way back when. Informative and engaging, be sure to add this unique stop to your travel bucket list ASAP! 

Famous for their camping, you’ll find plenty of locales to sleep under the stars. But if that’s too rustic for you, downtown Mission has countless modern amenities as well.


Cultus Lake Adventure Park & Water Park

A renowned summer staple in the Fraser Valley, on a hot day, this is the perfect way to cool off. With theme park rides and waterslides, it’s a popular spot for families this time of year, so be sure to book a reservation before you go. In the warmer months, their waterpark is a true oasis!

Experience that cozy rural life without any of the farm work! Klassen Farms is a great reason to stretch your legs and wander a bit. The farm-fresh ice cream is made with berries grown on-site, so you know you’re in good hands from the get-go. Kids will adore playing in the adventure zone and meeting the friendly calves at the barn, and you can wrap up your visit with a train ride around the grounds.

There’s no need to extend your driving shift with all the solid overnight options in Chilliwack. We love the cabins around Cultus Lake for unmatched nature views and the peaceful ambience of the lake sounds in the morning.

If you’re interested in exploring the mysteries of the unknown, you’d best stop in at this attraction dedicated to one of nature’s most elusive creatures. In the Longhouse room, you’ll learn about the local legends of the Sts’ailes community and how their stories have contributed to the broader myth of a sasquatch creature. From there, you can piece together your own conclusions as you review artifacts, hear historical narratives and consider the firsthand testimony of those who claim to have seen the famously big-footed forest dweller. Whether you decide it’s fact or fiction, there’s no denying the intriguing power of folklore. Well worth a visit if you’re up for adding something a bit different to your trip itinerary!

Thrill-seekers take note! At this 4-story aerial park, you can swing amongst the treetops, taking in exhilarating bird’s eye views. With 34 obstacles and games, 2 sky rails, and a quick flight system, there are endless ways to get a boost of adrenaline. The park has activities for all levels of climbers, so you’re welcome to go at your own pace before you ramp up any friendly rivalries you’ve established on the road.

Whatever you’re looking for, whatever your budget, you’ll be able to find a comfy place to call home for the evening in this area. Bonus points if you stop in for a relaxing soak at the nearby hot springs.

One of the most spectacular man-made attractions in the Lower Mainland, you’ve never seen anything like these awe-inspiring mountain tunnels! Built in 1914 to connect the railroad between the Kootenay Region and the west coast, each of the five tunnels is a marvel of both engineering and nature. You’ll hike through trails, cross bridges and follow cliffsides, taking in the breathtaking views the whole way.

Othello Tunnels is tentatively scheduled to re-open in July, after construction this spring to repair infrastructure damaged by heavy rain and flooding in November 2021. Please check the Coquihalla BC Parks webpage for updates before visiting.

Descend into the Fraser Canyon via a unique air tram ride with panoramic views! You’ll journey over the raging rapids of the Fraser River before landing in the quaint and peaceful surrounding attraction site. Filled with history and culture, Hell’s Gate tells of an essential part of how the Fraser Valley developed, and you’ll get the full spectrum of that lineage via interesting exhibits and short films. Of course, if you’re running low on snacks for the road, you owe it to yourself to stock up at their famous candy shop and fudge factory!

If your road crew has ballooned by this point, Hope Cascades & Canyons has beautiful accommodations for larger groups, whether it’s with rental homes or roomy lodge resorts.