Apr 15

Your Ultimate Pickleball Guide to the Fraser Valley

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So what’s all the racket about pickleball?

In case you haven’t heard about this recent sports phenomenon, pickleball can be roughly described as when tennis meets ping pong meets badminton. While it’s been around since the 1960s, only in the last few years has it really caught on, with North America alone having an estimated 4.8 million players.

One of the big reasons for its popularity is how easy it is to pick up, and the fact that it’s incredibly portable. The only setup you need is a net, some rackets, a ball, and two to four players, meaning there are plenty of opportunities to take the game outside. And as a pickleball court only requires a fraction of the space that a tennis court needs, finding a place to set up is easy too.

If you’re itching to toss up a serve and try it out for yourself, look no further than the Fraser Valley! We’ve got plenty of spots to have your first match, whether you’re looking for indoor play or outdoor adventures. From the Fraser Canyon to the Fraser River, you’ll find open-air courts with gorgeous nature backdrops, and friendly and accommodating covered courts in case the weather takes a turn.

Get your power stance ready because your pickleball journey begins right here. Now step into the kitchen, and do your best to avoid getting pickled!

Pickleball in the Fraser Valley

You might be surprised that the Valley is actually a hub for pickleball enthusiasts! With plenty of spots to play indoors and countless scenic areas to play outdoors, you’re never far from striking up a match at any time of year. No matter your skill level, you can always hone your court work at activity centres like Abbotsford’s TopSpin Pickleball Club or the outdoor courts in Mission. Please note that you should always call ahead to book your spot as courts can fill up quickly, and be sure you stretch and go over the rules before you begin to avoid any risk of injury!

Pickleball in Abbotsford


Abby has a couple great options for covered pickleball if you’re looking to practice before heading out into the elements, The Ag-Rec Centre and TopSpin Pickleball Club. Both are fantastic locations for meeting other players (and finding a teammate), with the Ag-Rec Centre having twelve courts in all, and TopSpin having two. Topspin also has their practice court open 24 hours in case your new sporting obsession is keeping you up at night.


When the sun is out, we recommend visiting Jubilee Park and Bradner Pickleball Courts. At Jubilee, you can choose from eight open courts between 8:00 am-10:00 pm, seven days a week. Bradner Courts has four dedicated courts, which are used on Wednesdays by the Summer DUPR League—good to keep in mind if you ever want to see the pros do it. It’s incredible how fast-paced and frenetic pickleball can get!

Pickleball in Chilliwack


Our main go-to for indoor play is The Chilliwack Landing Sports Centre, but you’ll also find nearby schools that offer their gyms after student hours. For example, both Promontory Heights and Rosedale Traditional Community School have great places to play and practice. 


You can find outdoor courts at GW Graham Secondary School– a community favourite where you can enjoy the view between serves.

Pickleball in Mission: 

Mission Outdoor Courts: these courts are a Misson destination for playing pickleball al fresco. The crisp and refreshing open air is a natural motivator to play your hardest, and the wealth of local players that use these courts seem to agree!

Pickleball Tournaments

If you’re looking to join in the fun of a local tourney, the Valley has various ways to play throughout the year. No matter the level you’re at, tournament play offers a great excuse to practice, be social, and exercise your competitive muscle a bit. Who knows, you may end up in the winner’s circle!

Meet the Community

Once you start playing, you’ll no doubt notice just how easy it is to create a connection with fellow players. That engagement has been a big reason why pickleball has been an enormous asset to people looking for a social atmosphere while keeping active. The accessible nature of the game and the fact that players of any age can join and quickly pick up the rules hints that pickleball will be a new mainstay on the casual sport circuit.

Ready, Set, Pickle!

So that’s just about everything you need to know about pickleball! Now that you’re a well seasoned player, all that’s left to do is grab a racket and get started! With summer on the way, and warmer weather brightening up the outdoor courts, there’s really no better time to try a new hobby. The sport has countless benefits, whether you’re looking to boost your fitness routine, scratch that competitive itch, or just keep your reflexes sharp. And with so many opportunities to practice and play around the Fraser Valley, you’re already in the right spot!