Jun 27

12 Fraser Valley Brunch Spots To Put on Your Foodie Radar

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There’s no tastier time-honoured foodie tradition than a spot of brunch. Whether it’s weekend brunch or not, we can all agree that sleeping late and tucking into a plate of waffles with a caesar in hand offers a rare glimpse into pinnacle slow living. It’s for this reason that we offer you this list as a chance to roll out of bed whenever, and glacially move to your first meal of the day! These Fraser Valley spots are like starting the morning with a little reward for all the productivity you’ll do later. Or not; going back to bed is always an option, too!


A relatively new spot on the Langley food scene, Hard Bean offers some delicious off the (egg) beaten path brunch options. The breakfast nachos have quickly become an AM staple, combining creamy scrambled eggs with crisp tortillas, jack cheese, and freshly diced veggies. It might sound like blasphemy if you’re a nacho purist, but it’s well worth venturing out of your comfort zone for. There’s also the strawberry-loving waffle, served with mascarpone whip. Pair it with one of their brunch-hour cocktails, like the frozen mimosa, and you now have a legitimate reason to set your morning alarm!

What is an Otreat? It’s when an offer meets a treat! And trust us, once you take a peek at their elevated brunch, it will be an Otreat you can’t refuse. From their maple bacon eggs benedict to their breakfast skillets, you might want to bring a friend to share with (mainly so you can sample even more). If you’ve got more of a sweet tooth, we recommend the cream dynamite toast—fresh vanilla cream, seasonal fruits, toasted banana and Otreat’s signature cube bread, all under a crème brûlée sauce. No further words are needed, really.

Part eatery, part homeware and clothing boutique, RE:VIVE is an essential stop for cozy vibes. It’s a fantastic place to meet for brunch, a glass of wine, or to be inspired for your next style glow-up. There’s plenty of space for a group dining experience if you’re getting the old crew back together, and lots of tasty options that can accommodate most dietary needs. The menu is filled with healthier options like fresh breakfast bowls, Greek yogurt parfaits, and hearty wraps—perfect for showing your followers the new age shift you’ve taken. Finish with a piece of cheesecake and a spiked latte, and there will no longer be any doubt about you having found yourself.

Priding themselves on offering something for just about everyone, this community favourite has an impressively inclusive menu catering to everyone from kids to vegans to gluten-free folks. Known until recently as Tanglebank Garden & Brambles Bistro, the newly named spot has retained a lush and inviting garden patio with the brunch delights regulars have come to expect: freshly baked pastries, savoury frittatas, and a farmer’s skillet with locally made sausage, farm-fresh eggs, and smoked cheddar. A wonderful al fresco experience to keep in mind through the warmer months!

Housed in a rustic log cabin, The Blackberry Kitchen is excellent for home-style comfort food paired with panoramic nature views. Visitors can enjoy mouth-watering buttermilk pancakes or a custom-made omelet while taking in the sprawling vistas of Fraser River Heritage Park! The 40-acre park view is ideal for both people and wildlife watching as you soak in the summer rays. The all-day menu means you’re never in any rush to leave and can enjoy everything from a Florentine Bennie to Filet Mignon at your own pace.

6. Mission Cafe

Sometimes, you just need a back-to-basics brunch spot without any of the done-up frills that the meal has become known for. Mission Cafe offers its visitors simple and delicious menu items that don’t beg for attention. Modest, but no less flavourful! Crisp and fluffy waffles right off the iron, bennies with perfectly poached eggs served with home fries, and omelettes that cover most of the plate—this gem may seem unassuming, but it’s sure to be one of your best brunch secrets.


7. The Offy

Stylish and decadent, the Offy gives European vibes, all from the comfort of Chilliwack! When you dip your croissant in cafe au lait, you’ll feel like you’re taking the afternoon off in a Parisian bistro. With a menu of brunch delights like Croque Madames and smoked salmon bennies, just try to maintain your classy composure as you dig in. Finally, be sure to save room for a side potato rosti, perfect for cleaning your plate with—just do your best not to spill any on your chic brunch ensemble!

Brunch in a bakery makes so much SENSE! With freshly made cupcakes, donuts, cookies, and fritters, you’ll stand spellbound with the options on display before even looking at the menu. Harvest is a fantastic option whether you’re just in to grab your morning cup or have some time to indulge. Breakfast poutine, fried chicken and waffles, crab claw benedicts—there’s really no end to the delicious ways you can cheat. This is one of those places where you should decide what you want before arriving, or your day could come to a complete standstill. 


9. The Broken Whisk

If it ain’t broken, don’t WHISK it! A handy motto when strolling into this area-famous eatery. Extravagant doesn’t begin to describe the fare here, as their towering burgers stand as an inspiring beacon of indulgence. Hey, if you’re going to order one, you may as well do it right. And to anyone who says that burgers can’t be brunch, the ingredients on these meaty giants say otherwise! Fried eggs, bacon, sausage— it’s a who’s who of AM staples. If nothing else, Broken Whisk is breaking down barriers of what brunch can be, and then sandwiching those crumbled barriers between two sesame buns.

Overlooking Harrison Lagoon, this family-operated spot is a portrait of quaint and cozy. Order smoked salmon with cream cheese and lox on a breakfast bun while you watch the water shimmer in the morning light, or grab a couple of breakfast wraps before heading out on one of the nearby Fraser Canyon hikes. The cafe is known for their locally sourced ingredients from community suppliers, like Hammersley Farms Berries, Farm House Natural Cheeses, local pork from Verand Farms in Chilliwack and produce from Pristine Farms. An excellent place to visit if you’ve been wanting to taste how all the different flavours of the Fraser Valley complement each other!

Hope, Cascades, and Canyons

11. Home Restaurant

Home has been serving comfort food with a warm smile since its humble beginnings in 1953! Farm fresh eggs, served any way you want, are the star of many of their dishes, giving a hearty flavour boost to every bite. The unpretentious vibe and homey atmosphere are what makes Home locations truly special, with it truly feeling like you’ve returned to a family spot from days gone by. Pair that with menu items like churro french toast covered in maple syrup or an apple pie granola bowl, and nobody would blame you if you never left Home again! 

12. Rolly’s Restaurant

Rolly’s is one of the friendliest spots you’re likely to visit in the Fraser Valley. Among their staff and regulars, you get a real small-town British Columbian community feel while enjoying their robust selection of breakfast platters. Between savoury blintzes and sweet crepes, you’ll find a new dish to try every time you visit, including the main event of any breakfast diner: steak and eggs. Extra points go to Rolly’s for featuring the seldomly seen brunch item, the rarebit: two poached eggs, bacon and homemade cheese sauce on an English muffin, served with hashbrowns. On paper, it sounds like an ordinary combo, but trust us, it’s worth trying at least once.