Jul 11

Colourful Finds in the Fraser Valley

From stunning landscapes and vibrant nature scapes, the Fraser Valley has always been a popular destination for adventurers seeking awe-inspiring experiences. But what if we told you that there’s a whole new world of colour waiting to be discovered within its picturesque surroundings? Our friends over at Tourism Mission have launched a program where you can rent a pair of colour-blind glasses for the day. We realize we take advantage of all the colourful places around the valley, and are thankful these new enchroma glasses an provide the experience many of us take for granted.

Imagine strolling through vibrant gardens, a city center with bursts of colour and alpine meadows with hundreds of wildflowers creating an explosion of radiant reds, captivating purples, and brilliant yellows. Thanks to the revolutionary colourblind glasses, individuals with colour vision deficiencies can now unlock a kaleidoscope of vibrant hues and uncover the hidden beauty of this breathtaking region. This inspired us to curate a list of beautiful places you can see with (or without) the glasses, check it out below!

Stop in at the Mission Visitor Centre (34033 Lougheed Highway, Mission) to pick up your Enchroma glasses, and head into an unforgettable adventure around the Fraser Valley! 


Step back in time, in an eclectic (and ever so popular) 1950s dinner equipped with neon lights and funky or follow the roar of the raceway, and witness the coloured flags and admire all the race cars in the pit, Mission is bold, and we love it!

Rockos 24-Hour Diner

32786 Lougheed Highway, Mission

Mission Raceway

32670 Dyke Road, Mission


From fairytale-esk candy stores, and extraordinary murals hidden within the quaint historic streets of Fort Langley to a museum with bold and daring planes larger than life, Langley is bursting with colour.

Murals in Fort Langley 

9167 Glover Road, Langley Township

Canadian Museum of Flight

5333 216 Street, Langley

Into Chocolate

9220 Glover Road #180, Langley Township


From whimsical cocktails, colour-rich exhibits and extraordinary murals in Downtown; Abbotsford is brimming with beautiful hues that will leave you in awe. Check out these three recommendations!

Murals in Downtown Abbotsford

2622 Montrose Avenue, Abbotsford 

The Reach Gallery Museum 

32388 Veterans Way, Abbotsford

Ripples Estate Winery & New Wave Distilling 

3387 Tolmie Road, Abbotsford


Whether you are wandering along the self-guided Chilliwack Art Trail where walls come alive with mesmerizing mural art, strolling through lush rows of vibrant plants and flowers at one of Chilliwack’s favourite plant nurseries, or indulging in a rainbow of flavours at the fan-fave local ice cream shop, Chilliwack is bursting with colourful activities for everyone!

Chilliwack Art Trail

6140 Yale Road, Chilliwack

Minter Country Gardens

10015 Young Road, Chilliwack

Banter Ice Cream 

45530 Vedder Mountain Road, Chilliwack

Hope, Cascades & Canyons

From dreamy alpine meadows flourishing with wildflowers creating an explosion of radiant reds, and brilliant yellows, to catching a flick in a colourful historic theatre built in 1945 (equipped with a pretty rad arcade too!!) Hope will have you vividly dreaming of its beauty until your next visit back.

Hope Cinema

376 Wallace Street, Hope

Manning Park

7505 BC-3, Manning Park 

Harrison River Valley

Immerse yourself in the world of creativity by exploring the charming art gallery nestled in the heart of this picturesque town, or treat your sweet tooth to mouth-watering chocolates! This vibrant destination is perfect for those looking for some fun.

Can West Art Gallery

160 Esplanade Avenue Unit C, Harrison Hot Springs

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

 328 Esplanade Avenue, Harrison Hot Springs

Seasonal Favourites

The valley has its own natural burst of colour during some of the warmer months! From rolling rows of tulips in just about every colour in the earlier Spring, to bursts of purples, yellows, pinks and others as it gets warmer and the lavender, sunflowers, and varying wildflowers pop their heads up for their seasons! Find what’s blooming near you during your next visit…

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Summer Happenings

Throughout the summer, you’ll find a variety of top-notch outdoor festivals and events you won’t want to miss here in the Fraser Valley that are bursting with colour; from thrilling music festivals, to spectacular exhibits, you’ve come to just the right place!

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Exploring the Fraser Valley with colourblind glasses is an extraordinary experience that unlocks a world of vibrant wonders, especially for those with colour vision deficiencies. So, if you’re ready to embark on an adventure of rediscovery and immerse yourself in a symphony of colours, don’t hesitate to visit the Fraser Valley and prepare to be amazed, inspired, and forever transformed by the kaleidoscope of colourful finds that await you! Like always make sure to tag us by using #TheFraserValley in all of your adventures!