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10mayAll Day12Skagit Valley Bird Blitz

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After a long forced hiatus due to the pandemic followed by the flooding of 2021, we are excited to host the Skagit Bird Blitz once again! 

Inaugurated in 2011, the Skagit Valley Bird Blitz was created by Kelly Pearce with help from Denis Knopp, Al and Jude Grass, Scott Denkers and other birding enthusiasts. It was also co-hosted with BC Nature with special help from Bev Ramey. The event seeks to replicate the Manning Park Bird Blitz, a successful event that now spans 41 years of ornithological sightings!

Early May is a great time for novice and experienced birders alike to visit the Skagit – the birds are singing and nesting; spring wildflowers are in glorious bloom; and the infamous Skagit mosquitoes have not yet achieved their full blood-sucking majesty!

With 199 recorded species, the Skagit offers a beautiful mountain setting and a classic “U-shaped” glaciated valley that is traversed by a widely meandering river. Healthy waterfowl populations are found here, including harlequin ducks and the lush riparian forests are alive with songbirds. There are also dry forests of Ponderosa Pine and open meadows where birds of prey frequently hunt. All in all, a thriving web of diverse ecosystems to attract our birds.

As the Skagit Valley spans the Canadian-U.S. border, it forms a natural corridor for north-south migrants, an important corridor to study in the years ahead, as climate change continues to impact the timing of bird breeding and migration. Human migrants enjoy the Skagit Valley lands too, both Americans and Canadians can enjoy birding in this trans-boundary wilderness.


May 10, 2024 - May 12, 2024 (All Day)(GMT-07:00)



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