Visitor Centres

Visitor Centres

Visitor centres are an ideal place to start your adventure in the Fraser Valley. These are your go-to-stops for maps, guides and a myriad of other information. Staff at the Centres will be happy to share insider information about upcoming and ongoing attractions and events, along with some of the area’s most awe-inspiring sights and sounds. Many Visitors Centres also sell branded goods as well as items from local artisans. Whether you’re looking to hike, bike, paddle, sightsee, rock climb, fish or golf, our Visitor Centre teams can help you plan your stay.

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Destination Inspiration

Challenge yourself to visit somewhere off the beaten path or experience something out of the ordinary. Memorable experiences often leave lasting impressions in our minds and deepen the bonds we share with loved ones and friends along for the ride. Plus, you may be pleasantly surprised by what you try. Get help with brainstorming a few ideas by asking Visitor Centre staff members for their recommendations.

Book your travels for mid-week—you will have more options at popular locations that may be booked up or unavailable for single night stays on weekends. There is often less traffic to contend with when you hit the roads. Some attractions are offered at reduced rates for off-peak visits. And, there are often fewer lineups and crowds at facilities. Plus, you’ll be supporting local businesses when they need it most. It’s a win-win!