Oct 5

Welcome to Chestnut Springs

The sunshine yellow exterior of Chestnut Springs Organic Bakery acts as a beacon, catching the attention of everyone driving along Yarrow Central Rd and pulling them in to discover the adorable bakery. 

If it wasn’t their charming open sign saying, “Come in, we’re awesome,” that immediately made us feel welcome, it was the cheerful staff. Busy behind the counter, they were all smiles as they went about their work. After absorbing all the character that filled the cozy space, we quickly noticed owner Cori Struck sitting by the window, yellow mug in hand. We shared the rest of our visit with Cori and captured her while she worked alongside her team. By the end, it was clear as day where Chestnut Springs warm, inclusive personality came from.


TFV: Tell us a bit about the history of Chestnut Springs Bakery. How did it come to be?
CS: Chestnut Springs came about as my partner and I kept driving past this vacant building feeling like it seemed a shame for it to be sitting empty.  Also, my partner was a real estate appraiser for years and used to stop in there for lunch when it used to be a deli which was owned by a lovely lady named Rose, she owned it for years until she retired.  So, as we brainstormed as to what it could or should be, thinking of what the amazing community of Yarrow might want we thought a cozy coffee shop/bakery. And so, the many months of blood, sweat and tears went into our little gem.

TFV: What made you decide on the name “Chestnut Springs”? Is there a special meaning?
CS: We realized that we had two very large chestnut trees adjacent to the bakery, so why not! Also, my partner owns Mission Springs, so we thought it tied in very nicely.

TFV: What is your hope for people when the visit Chestnut Springs?
CS: My hope and my goal for each person that enters Chestnut Springs is to feel that is a place where they can come relax and enjoy our cozy atmosphere.

TFV: What is your favourite thing on the menu? Why?
My favourite thing on the menu would be the pies. I love our pie crusts and our homemade fillings. The pumpkin is one of my absolute favourites.

TFV: You also make pizza and do catering. Can you share your vision for Farm To Forno?
Yes, Farm to Forno started out very organically and was something for just my partner and I to do. We started because we love working together and love being apart of special occasions, seeing people have a good time and enjoy our pizzas in a casual environment.  We often get the comment at weddings “Thank goodness it is not more terrible wedding food!”. We are extremely proud of what we serve, both from our antique pizza trucks and our bakery.



TFV: Tell us a little bit about your life outside of Chestnut Springs.
My life outside Chestnut Springs is a very busy one.  Myself and my partner live on forty acres up in Columbia Valley which is located behind Cultus Lake.  Up on our farm, we raise pasture raised wild boar, Berkshire pigs and free-range chickens and if that is not enough we have ten cows, four dogs and I felt the need to adopt a miniature goat.  My partner also owns four other restaurants and two breweries, which we are very involved in.

TFV: If you were graduating High School right now, what would you do?
If I was to graduate tomorrow I would not change a thing; I love what I do. Someone once told me if you enjoy what you do then you don’t work a day in your life, so I guess what I am saying is, I don’t work at all.


Tea or coffee?

I am a coffee lover, just the good old-fashioned brewed coffee.


Buttery or
sugary treats?

I unfortunately enjoy both buttery and sweet!


Warm sunshine
or cool breeze?

I love the beautiful warm sunshine.



TFV: If you could recommend one place in the Fraser Valley, what would it be, and why?
If I could recommend a place, Wisbey Veggies in the summer for all their fresh produce and such reasonable pricing, and then throughout the year Lepp Farm Market is always a go-to for me as a great place for unique items.

TFV: What are a few of your favourite places and things to do in Yarrow?
I really enjoy riding or walking the dike in Yarrow, and in the summer months enjoying a sweet treat at the Mighty Moose.

TFV: What is one thing you want people visiting the Valley to know about your home?
Fraser Valley has so many amazing farms, unique restaurant and amazing people to get to know.

TFV: If you were a destination, where would you be?
If I was a destination I would probably have to say Yarrow, because I have a large heart and I am friendly and welcoming yet small and I nurture all that are in my life.




Whether you’re there to meet with friends, try one of their famous cinnamon buns, or find a comfy nook and read a book, Chestnut Springs will make you feel a part of the family. An irresistible atmosphere; your first visit won’t be your last!