Oct 19

On The Trails with Namaste Hiking Co.

Scaling the side of a waterfall or climbing inside a hollowed tree, Lindsay Henderson and Daisy Melnyk of Namaste Hiking Co. were up to try anything on our journey to Flood Hope Falls. Without blinking an eye, they were happy to steer off trail and pull off their shoes to start practicing yoga in a bed of moss and ferns. It was their easy going, adventurous nature that made our short hike and yoga session so enjoyable; they truly do offer a one-of-a-kind experience.


TFV: How did you meet and when did you become close friends?
We first met at a music class for young children when we were 8 years old. We officially became friends when reconnecting in high school, and as we have gotten older, our friendship strengthened. 

TFV: What made you decide to start a company that combines yoga and hiking? What is your vision for Namaste Hike Co.?
How did we come up with the yoga-hiking combo? We both are big lovers of the outdoors and try to get out in to nature whenever we can. There’s something about being outside that sets your soul free. After you summit a mountain, it feels so nice to stretch it out and really take a moment to connect and absorb where you are. The addition of yoga really deepens the experience on all levels. There’s no better fit than hiking and yoga.

Our Vision Statement:
We feel very passionate about offering a service for people to step outside their comfort zone, try something new, go somewhere off the beaten path, connect with others and experience nature. 

We want to create a specialty experience that is similar to a taste of an outdoor mini retreat. We realize a retreat is not attainable to everyone. We give you a boutique day experience in our own beautiful province. We want to spoil you and have you feeling refreshed, renewed and lighter.

TFV: Can you describe what a typical hike with Namaste Hike Co. looks like?
A typical hike with us starts with introductions and a gear/waiver check. We have a little safety chat and explain what will happen, then we set off on the trails. We hike at a conversational pace, stop to take photos in the most magical spots and tend to any hiking needs you may have (such as a little pick-me-up candy, a blister pack or maybe a pep talk to keep you going). At the top, we practice yoga, sip on tea by New Moon Tea Co., and have lunch catered by the Curly Kale with some additional treats we provide. Finally we head down, usually all new best friends, laughing and having meaningful conversations. We try to create an experience. Everything is taken care of so you can just enjoy yourself. 🙂 



TFV: What is your go-to gear for when you head out on the trail?
Our go-to gear: 

TFV: What do you hope for people to take away after an experience with you?
What we hope people will take away from an experience with us is that they had fun, a bit of a workout and got to connect with nature and themselves in a deeper way. We hope to inspire them to take more time for themselves. 

TFV: What’s next?
What’s next…. we will be slowing down for the winter season. We plan on adding some new items to our clothing line, working on some exciting collaborations and plan to work on expanding our clientele.

Our 2019 schedule will be posted on our website in March. We’re looking forward to adding new adventure options and locations, hiring a small team and to specializing in first class experiences in Chilliwack’s beautiful outdoors. 




Shoes or barefoot?
Shoes. I love having options of different shoes to add to my outfit or suit my mood. I am proud to say I’ve passed this down to my daughter lol. 😉

Dishes or folding laundry?
Folding laundry, so I can chat with my kids or watch a show with them while I fold in the evening.

Salty or sweet?
Salty. I would eat Miss Vickie’s Salt and Vinegar everyday if I could.

Beach or lake?
Beaches. 🙂

– DM


Shoes or barefoot?

Dishes or folding laundry?
Neither? Laundry if I have to pick.

Salty or sweet?

Beach or lake?

– LH

TFV: What are some of your favourite yoga poses?
My favourite yoga poses are: camel, lizard, wildthing and dancer. 
DM: I love a flow class, just moving through the postures and breathing. It leaves me feeling light and out of my head. I also love Savasana.

TFV: Tell us a bit about your lives outside of Namaste Hike Co.
I am a mom to 2 amazing children, 1 fur child and wife to one lucky man (lol. Jk). With two youngsters, life is a bit busy right now. I have been practicing yoga since I was little and teaching for 10 years. The yoga balances out my life giving me peace in moments of chaos. I believe in taking a walk in nature at least once a day to feed my soul. Nature truly nurtures and will pass this through to my children. You’ll usually find us outside. 
DM: I live on a couple acres in Ryder Lake with my 3 children (15, 13 & 7), husband, 3 cats and my favourite hiking companion, Sadie the Labradoodle. I am beyond blessed to have my amazing parents as our next door neighbours and I love to garden and spend time outdoors with my friends and family. I also spend A LOT of time chauffeuring the kids around and can usually be found listening to a podcast or reading a book in the parking lot.


TFV: Who are some of your favourite locals in the Fraser Valley to follow on social media?
Hard to narrow it down, but some of our favourite locals are: 

TFV: How would you describe your perfect day in the Fraser Valley?
My perfect day in the Fraser Valley would be in the mountains, on a trail with my family and/or friends followed by a campfire on the beach of a gorgeous lake with s’mores and cider. 🙂 
DM: My perfect day would probably be hiking Lindeman Lake, heading to Chilliwack Lake to cool off with a swim and beer, followed by a campfire.

TFV: If you were a destination, where would you be?
If I were a destination I would be Maui because of its sunny feel-good vibes. A little salty at times. 🙂 Peaceful. There are lots of cool places to explore, from lush tropical mountains to oceans filled with wonder. It’s a great place to take families and has lots of tasty treats to fill up on (I’m a snack-a-holic).
DM: If I were a destination I would be Costa Rica. I fell in love with the stunning variety of beaches and mountains, and I instantly felt connected to the culture and people who live by “pura vida” which means pure life.

Lindsay and Daisy are the perfect duo to take you on your first hike or to try a new experience. With them taking the lead, we know you’ll be in safe hands as you’re guided through the mountains that surround The Fraser Valley.