Feb 21

Great Tunes at Tractorgrease Cafe

A local’s hangout, Tractorgrease Cafe is only a short drive down Chilliwack Lake Road and all are welcome. A gem of a find, it’s a stop you can’t skip. It’s a space to gather, listen to live music and enjoy delicious food.

Originally established as a musical collective in 2001. It has since grown into a studio, multimedia company and restaurant by the hands of the owner, Jeff Bonner. With something always on the go, Tractorgrease is a constant flow of entertainment. Attracting musicians from all over, it offers three live shows a week and open mic nights every Friday. Whether it’s from the company of your close friends or the way the staff will jump on stage and jam out, you’ll love the buzz of fun energy around you.

TFV: What is the story behind the name ‘Tractorgrease’ Cafe?
Tractorgrease started as an artist collective of sound engineers, musicians and videographers. Tractorgrease is an anagram for “Great Creators”.

TFV: What inspired the vision for Tractorgrease Cafe?
Great wholesome food to go along with great wholesome music. The focus of the restaurant is solely to be a music venue, ideally the top stop for touring Canadian musicians.

TFV: Can you tell us about your open mic nights?
JB: The open mic nights are what helped build Tractorgrease into the music venue that it is now. I have hosted the Friday Open Mic since the cafe opened four years ago. The open mic’s have given artists of all ages an opportunity to play in front of our friendly crowd and learn and improve their music in a naturally supportive environment.

TFV: What do you want your customers to take away from an experience with you?
We want them to feel like they have experienced an amazing night of music by some of Canada’s finest touring artists in an intimate space with great people, healthy food and a positive vibe.

TFV: What is next?
We are continuing to expand on the live shows in the cafe as well as opening up Tractorgreaseland, our private event and festival grounds.  

TFV: Besides owning Tractorgrease Cafe, can you share a bit about your life and hobbies?
I love recording and writing my own music, enjoying the nature of the Chilliwack River Valley, and occasionally partake in a fiesty game of ice hockey.

TFV: How would you describe the culture in the Chilliwack River Valley?
The new wave of residents seem to be drawn to the outdoor recreation. The music and art culture that Tractorgrease brings to the valley also mixes well.

TFV: Who are some of your favourite locals from the Fraser Valley to follow on social media?
Jason Lum, Sam Waddington, Kyler Pierce and Dylan Weightman.

TFV: What is your favourite season here in the Fraser Valley? Why?    
I like the summer – hanging out at the river, taking in the sun and sweet outdoor shows at Tractorgrease.

TFV: If you were a destination, where would you be?
I would be in the Chilliwack River Valley……….on the sunny side.


Bluegrass or Folk?

Ribs or a Burger?

Concert or Open Mic?

Ale or Lager?

Surrounded by the mountains of Chilliwack and right along the river, Tractorgrease is an unbeatable hideaway. If you’re a fan off live music, we guarantee your first visit, will not be your last.