Apr 3

Your Guide to 2024 Fraser Valley Tulip Festivals

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When spring starts to bloom, there’s no better place to be than the Fraser Valley! It’s that refreshing time of year when you can leave your jacket at home, and the air is scented with the sweet smell of blossoms. The outdoors are yours to discover, and there’s plenty to find from the Fraser Canyon to the Fraser River. We suggest starting with some of our outstanding flower experiences to ring in the season. These nearby flower festivals will give you an impressive scope of how dedicated our local green thumbs are. Picture a sea of colour swaying gently as you savour a peaceful moment. It’s quite a sight to behold!

For our friends visiting from the United States, just follow the fragrant breeze all the way! Ok, not really, definitely use GPS. Each festival location is no more than an hour’s drive from the border, so they’re the perfect destination for a weekend trip or just for the day.

Abbotsford Tulip Festival

The Abbotsford Tulip Festival invites you to wander through 28 acres of 100 varieties of tulips! This yearly Abbotsford tradition brings countless visitors to an experience that is hard to describe—there’s a good chance the sheer volume of fresh flowers growing will leave you speechless! 

The festival follows a springtime Dutch tradition that Peter Warmerdam brought to the Fraser Valley post-WWII. Three generations later, the Warmerdam family continues the tradition and pays tribute to Peter with a white tulip called Peter’s Legacy. Before you leave the festival, be sure to take a little colour home with you—freshly cut tulips are always available for purchase.

Reserve your spot by purchasing your tickets here.

Harrison Tulip Festival

With their recent move back home to the Harrison River Valley from Chilliwack, this season will mark the festival’s first year at their new location! The average temperatures have been up a bit this year, which has helped with getting each bulb to full bloom. Running for four weeks starting April 8, the festival boasts 35 acres for visitors to wander, planted with over 10 million tulips, double daffodils, and hyacinths. Framed with Mount Cheam on the horizon, this is definitely an event you’ll want to have your camera at full charge for! This festival has been instrumental in highlighting how agricultural land can be used for community celebrations, and it indeed shows how the Fraser Valley is the perfect setting for it.

The festival has been such a success that organizers have added an extra two-acre show garden this year, with blossoming fruit trees and stunning floral arrangements. It’s definitely a lot to explore, so local food trucks will also be on the scene (including stroopwafels!) in case you need a quick snack break.

Greendale Acres’ Sweet Spring Flower Festival

A fantastic attraction in its own right, Greendale Acres kicks off spring looking its absolute best with this annual flower festival. Inspired by the famous Dutch flower festivals, Greendale goes the extra mile by arranging bulbs into beautifully intricate designs. Spring also marks the arrival of new members to the barnyard family. Visitors are welcome to say hello to the baby goats, sheep and bunnies—what better way to celebrate the Easter season? 

The Greendale team has done a fantastic job making their farm a welcoming spot for families, kids, and anyone looking to spend quality time. A walk along the tulip-lined creek is an ideal way to enjoy a sunny day, and you can follow the footbridge to another picturesque garden, complete with a windmill centrepiece. Be sure to check the farm schedule before you decide on your visiting day, as there are plenty of activities and events for you to join!

Botanica Flower Festival

With 1.5 million bulbs across 13 acres, get ready to set your brightness levels to 100%! From the lovingly planted rows of vibrant buds to the onsite ferris wheel, this family-run festival feels like a community celebration. It makes for a relaxing, go-at-your-pace outing, which is sometimes the best option when you’re wrangling little ones. Botanica is located just off Highway 1 in Chilliwack, so it makes for a pretty direct route if the weather report is calling for a few bright spots. Reserve your tickets now to save your spot within these blooms!