Fishing the Fraser Valley

Salmon and Steelhead and Sturgeon, oh my! The Fraser Valley is one of BC’s most renowned fishing destinations – the lakes, rivers and creeks are abundant with life. Head to a serene spot along a quiet creek to cast a line or hop on a charter boat for a guided fishing trip on the Fraser River with any of our world-class guides.

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Must-Visit Farm Experiences and Garden Shops in the Fraser Valley

From barnyard animals to blooms, the Fraser Valley is abundant with agricultural adventures throughout the year. Experience farm life and shop for high-quality provisions, produce, gifts, and supplies as you journey between farms and garden centres that dot the self-guided Circle Farm Tour!

Year-Round Golfing in the Valley

A rare find, in the Fraser Valley you can play golf and ski all in one day! Whether you’re an experienced golfer or a first-timer, the Fraser Valley is home to a number of phenomenal courses ranging from kid-friendly mini-golf to expert fairways. With winter temperatures averaging six to 11 degrees Celsius, the greens will be waiting for you.

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Being Prepared to Explore Safely in the Fraser Valley

The Fraser Valley is teeming with new experiences and places to explore! But before you head out on your next adventure, remember that being out in the wilderness can be dangerous, especially if you aren’t properly prepared. Whether you’re an experienced explorer or just getting into outdoor recreation, check out the following tips to help make your next adventure in the Fraser Valley a safe one!

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