Top 7 Reasons to Camp Mid-Week or Off-Season

Few moments capture the essence of peace and relaxation quite like a trip into the wide-open wilderness, perhaps with a good book and a quiet spot beside a pristine lake. When spring rolls around, many avid campers are already planning summer adventures, scheduling vacation time, and rushing to reserve coveted campsites. But why not beat them to the punch?

Cure Your Cabin Fever with These Winter Activities

Grab those mittens, strap on your boots and head out to enjoy all the winter activities the valley has to offer! From hitting the slopes to enjoying a good ol’ hockey game from one of our local teams, there’s something for everyone and every ability to enjoy during the cold seasons.

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The Fraser Valley Holiday Food & Drink Gift Guide

The one thing that won’t change is all that we have to be grateful for and celebrate here in the Fraser Valley. We might not be able to have large holiday dinners, but that doesn’t mean we can’t share a sweet treat with our immediate family, or crack open a bottle of local wine with a roommate.

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