Artisan Cheesemakers of The Fraser Valley

Say Cheese! Mild, medium, sharp, aged, smoked, soft, hard: there are endless terms to describe cheese, as there are seemingly endless varieties. Whether as a quick and easy snack, a delicious part of a beloved recipe, or paired with a fine wine at an elegant gathering, cheese is an incredibly versatile food that is a staple at many dinner tables.

Father’s Day in the Fraser Valley

There’s no denying it, parenting takes a village, and thankfully we have Fathers as part of that village. You can make Father’s Day memorable with any of these ideas in the Valley, from delicious treats, fun gifts to outdoor adventures!

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Mother’s Day in the Fraser Valley

Moms are our mentors, caregivers, cheerleaders, best friends, guidance counsellors and so much more. One thing we also know is that no matter who you call Mom, she is worth celebrating! This year we have some ways to celebrate Mother’s Day with that special person who represents these things to you.

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The Fraser Valley Holiday Food & Drink Gift Guide

The one thing that won’t change is all that we have to be grateful for and celebrate here in the Fraser Valley. We might not be able to have large holiday dinners, but that doesn’t mean we can’t share a sweet treat with our immediate family, or crack open a bottle of local wine with a roommate.

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