Farm Experiences in the Valley: Your Guide to the Perfect Packing List

There’s no better feeling than being fully prepared while [...]

Holiday Family Fun in the Valley

The Fraser Valley is the place to be this holiday season! With plenty of exciting holiday activities for the whole family, we know it will be hard to choose which ones to go to. Check out our itinerary to make sure you and your family get the most out of the Fraser Valley during the winter holidays!

Fraser Canyon Riverside Domes & Great River Fishing Adventures

Located in the heart of the Fraser Canyon’s wild and rugged beauty, the Fraser Canyon Riverside Domes offer inviting, unique and luxurious accommodation, perfect for a couple, retreat, friends' weekend or even a solo getaway. Hosted by Great River Fishing Adventures, you can also book a guided fishing trip with one of their incredible guides. Whether you crave an epic battle to land a Great White Sturgeon, a peaceful fly-fishing river expedition, or anything in between, Great River Fishing Adventures will tailor your excursion with passion, care, and attention to detail.

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Flower Experiences in the Valley

Spring and Summer bring a bounty of blooms to the region. Did you know the Fraser Valley is home to over 20 flower experiences, including Tulip, Sunflower, and Dahlia festivals? Which experience in the valley will you visit this flower season?

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Responsible Tourism in the Wild

We love our gorgeous outdoors. As residents of the Fraser Valley, it’s part of who we are! From the depths of our deepest lakes to the peaks of our tallest mountains, protecting and respecting our land is essential to keeping it accessible to all of us. Scroll through our latest comprehensive guide below to learn how you can explore safely and responsibly, while leaving no trace when visiting our region!

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Top 7 Reasons to Camp Mid-Week or Off-Season

Few moments capture the essence of peace and relaxation quite like a trip into the wide-open wilderness, perhaps with a good book and a quiet spot beside a pristine lake. When spring rolls around, many avid campers are already planning summer adventures, scheduling vacation time, and rushing to reserve coveted campsites. But why not beat them to the punch?

Tee-Time on The Fairway

With Springtime in the air, tee-time in the Valley is plentiful. Whether you’re an experienced golfer looking for challenging hilly terrain, a first-timer ready for smooth fairways, or just looking to have some fun, the Valley offers a variety of phenomenal courses for any age and skill level.

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Cure Your Cabin Fever with These Winter Activities

Grab those mittens, strap on your boots and head out to enjoy all the winter activities the valley has to offer! From hitting the slopes to enjoying a good ol’ hockey game from one of our local teams, there’s something for everyone and every ability to enjoy during the cold seasons.

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